Dukes – Cricket Balls

Dukes-Cricket-Balls-logo Dukes_Cricket_Ball Dukes has a proud history of making the highest quality cricket balls since 1769 have recently invested significantly in the innovation, development and refinement of a new range of balls suitable for the harsher Australian and South African wickets. The quality hand stitch balls have long been used and have stood the test of time on the harder West Indian Wickets where they have been used for International Cricket for decades. Dukes are considered a superior ball in regards to it’s ability to swing, which they are famous for doing so throughout a days play. The balls ability to swing has been credited with the downfall of many of the Australian teams while on tour for the Ashes, where the local bowlers have used the ball to full advantage.

Cricket Australia have identified the lack of diversity with cricket balls to be a potential weakness in Australian players development and the best way to adapt is inevitably to expose the players gradually. By adopting the Dukes Ball in some Domestic Matches it is believed that this exposure will provide players with a strong foundation to fully adapt when in English conditions they find themselves under the pressures of the Ashes.

Another major attraction to the Dukes Balls is their superior price point, which Cricket Australia see’s as important in making Cricket accessible to everyone in Australia.

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You can also visit the home of Dukes http://www.dukescricket.co.uk/to find out more.