One80 – Darts

One80-darts-logo-2 One80-darts-player-2 Since 2005, One80 has had a monumental rise, taking the dart world by storm. Built on a philosophy of innovation and a pursuit for perfection, a reputation for cutting-edge quality has made it a leading brand and the choice for many of the world’s champions. Leading International Tournaments, from China to Germany have recognised the advantages of One80 products and use the products with the utmost confidence.

One80 has a number of patented products, protecting the intellectual property, which is the result of intensive research and development. The Professional Dart Range is handcrafted in Germany using precision engineering to produce achievements such as the world’s thinnest dart with a 2BA Thread.

Not only does One80 produce products of the highest quality, but One80 also covers the widest range. This ensures that One80 covers the needs of all, from the world’s leading players to the needs of beginners. From dartboards to the cabinets to house them in, dart mats to allow for a properly measured game, darts of both the tungsten and brass variety and a number of accessories including all types of shafts and colourful flights, the range really does cover the entire dart spectrum. We have confidence you will enjoy the new range.