Eagle Sports is proud to announce that it has been named as the Australian distributor for HO SOCCER.

HO SOCCER is one of Europe’s leading specialist goalkeeping companies. Worldwide more than 350+ professional goalkeepers choose to wear our gloves, including English Premiership keepers Adrian of West Ham and Willy Caballero of Manchester City.

Other top keepers wearing HO SOCCER gloves include Jamie Young of Brisbane Roar, Tom Heaton of Burnley F.C and England, Beto of Sevilla (winners of the 2014 and 2015 Europa Cup) Eduardo of GNK Dinamo Zagreb and John McCarthy of Philadelphia Union.

Each year HO SOCCER continues to work hard, together with our sponsored keepers and coaches, to ensure that we offer goalkeepers playing at all levels of the game one of the biggest and best ranges of gloves available.

Our standards are very high and so we use only the very best materials and glove Latex on our many different glove cuts to help give every keeper the best opportunity to perform at their very best in each training session and match.

For the 2016/17 season we are excited to offer our best ever range of gloves including several new editions to our very popular GHOTTA range, as worn by many top keepers such as Tom Heaton and Beto. The range features several hybrid one piece palms and also the special edition GHOTTA GECKO hybrid roll finger range which continues to grow in popularity.

As we continue to grow and establish HO SOCCER as a leading specialist goalkeeper brand, look out for more keepers choosing to keep clean sheets with our gloves.

We live and breathe goalkeeping, understand your needs and share your desires of glory.

Our keeper motto is…