Deta Hedman, known as the ‘Dark Destroyer’ has won the 2017 Welsh Masters Ladies Singles.

Deta, a One80 sponsored player, is having an absolute gun year, racking up 7 tournament wins and a bunch of close calls making her currently ranked #1 on the BDO ladies ranking and # 2 on the WDF ladies rankings; (also #1 on the EDO rankings).

In the Welsh Masters, Deta had a magical run, defeating Sarah Brown 4-0, Louisa Fox 4-0, Rhian Griffiths 4-1. In the final she took on Anastasia Dobromyslova of Russia winning a convincing 5 legs to 1.

Earlier in June Deta won the Ladies Helvetia Open in Switzerland. In the final she overcame Aileen de Graaf 4-1 after defeating Danielle Ijpelaar 4-2 on her road to the title.

So clearly on a bit of a tear at the moment!

Deta is an absolute star; so if you would like to know more about her yu can check out Deta's very own website here:

Websites detailing Deta’s recent wins: