Patrick is extremely proud to be the official match ball sponsor for both the NSW State League Women’s Competition and the Futsal School Championships for 2017. The association between Patrick and Football NSW dates all the way back to 2003 when we first became a match ball sponsor. 

Over that time it has been simply breathtaking to see how much football has developed in the state. To mirror that incredible development, we think it is fitting that the NSW State League Women’s Competition is going to be using our brand new flagship ball the Patrick Spectra.

The Patrick Spectra is a fully thermo-bonded soccer ball, meaning there is no stitching; keeping water out and giving a fantastically consistent shape to the ball. The ball has an excellent soft touch whilst keeping enough weight that it performs superbly in flight.

The NSW State League Women’s - Under  13s get to use the Patrick Vite – a stalwart of the Patrick range, this ball features a high quality PU outer with a great soft touch.

Great balls, however, only stay great with proper maintenance. So we advise that extra care is always used when inflating your footballs. Make sure the needle and valve are well lubricated and the balls are pumped up to the correct PSI, found printed above the ball valve.

With these tips, and some standout Patrick footballs, we are sure 2017 will be another fantastic football season for all.

See the Football NSW announcement here: