As part of Eagle Sport’s continuing partnership with Baden, we are now proudly stocking the Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball here in Australia. This is pretty exciting stuff as we really think the Elite is the best Indoor basketball on the market. What makes it the best ball you ask? Well these 5 reasons are what puts it at the top in our book.


  1. The Advanced Microfibre Outer Cover

The microfiber cover used on the Elite is the proprietary creation of Baden, using their 30+ years of experience.  The advantages of it are that it won’t absorb moisture, gain weight or become discoloured which can often be a problem with other covers on Indoor balls. The microfiber used on the elite is also well known for having the perfect amount of tack. 


  1.  Cushioned Control Technology (CCT)

I always roll my eyes over a little when I see some fancy name with “technology” at the end, even though we use it quite often in product descriptions ourselves. But does it really mean anything, I ask myself. Well in this case it really does – CCT, which has been patented Baden, is a layer of thousands of tiny air cells between the outer cover and the reinforced layer. This has the effect of the giving the ball a really soft feel and true bounce. Many basketballers have also attributed it to giving them an uptick in shooting percentage as it bounces more softly off the rim and therefore increase the chances of rolling in, but admittedly this is purely anecdotal evidence.


  1. Symmetry:

The panels on the Elite are perfectly symmetrical across the whole ball, this means when you grip the ball there is a consistency to it which really helps in shooting, passing, catching and rebounding. The ball just feels  the same in your hands each time.  It also adds to the overall balance of the ball which is another factor in its consistent bounce. 


  1. Wide Panels:

The panels are widely spaced making for nice even panelling once again adding to that consistent feel. They mean you don’t feel lumps or get inconsistent bounces because of the panels being too closely bunched. The edges of the panels are also smooth and rounded for the same. Really It’s all the little features that really enhance the whole ball.


  1. Stealth Soft Valve System:

Another cause for an inconsistent bounce in a basketball is the little bit of rubber that is on the surface around the ball valve.  Baden have patented what is called the Stealth Soft Valve system (SSVS) which is where the valve has been recessed and softened. This means the area around the valve gives off the same bounce and feel as the rest of the ball, so the a player doesn’t have to deal with any inconsistencies in the ball.

So in summary there are a number of techniques and technologies Baden employs to make the Elite a great game ball. The soft but tacky feel of the ball makes it a real shooters ball, the cover makes the ball more durable and every other part of the ball is specifically designed to give the ball a true and consistent bounce. It’s for these reasons the BADEN ELITE INDOOR BASKETBALL is the best indoor game ball on the market.

Get in touch to find out your closest stockist here and for Eagle Sports customers you can order the Baden Elite here.