We are so excited about the launch of the new Eagle Sports website, as it really represents a massive leap in terms of the services we are able to provide for our customer base.

Every company looks, or at least should, at what it is able to offer its customers in terms of value. For us one of our main “value propositions” has always been our ability to offer a really wide range of equipment, across a wide variety of sports which is backed up by continued stock levels all year round.

We believe this allows our customers to not only be really versatile in what they are able to offer their customers, but also allow them to consolidate their orders, rather than having to purchase from different suppliers for each sport.

The new website really is pivotal in being able to maximise our customers’ ability to leverage our wide range.  

The key features of the new website include:

  • The whole Eagle Sports range all in one place and easily browsable and searchable.
  • Display whether items are in or out of stock, and as further benefit this is reflected for each warehouse, so our customers know if replenishment stock is only a week away or it may be longer.
  • The website shows customer specific pricing, so not only are our monthly specials displayed but any customer or group specific promotions are also reflected. This hopefully will really save our customers time trawling through our pricelist looking for the price they want.
  • And perhaps one of the biggest bonuses of the new website is that orders placed through the website print down directly into our warehouses so there is no lag time in waiting for our data processing to input orders into the system. This will be especially useful in peak times.

Other features of the new website include the ability to see an order’s status in the account section as well as being able to see an account’s overall position.

The site is also jam packed with more features which we will release and explain in the coming months in our FAQ section.

Getting a website that is linked in with our inventory package was a huge undertaking and I would like to quickly thank a couple of people who made it possible.

Firstly Janitha Katugampola and Chris Bell, part of the internal sales team here, put hours into re-formatting our inventory database so it was more web appropriate.

Secondly to Kate Faulkner and the Pronto Woven team poured a ton of time in creating an amazing new template for Eagle Sports website and probably many more hours readjusting it to suit my every “minor” suggestion.   The whole team where great – if you would like to learn more about Pronto Woven check out their website here: Pronto Woven

I hope all our customer love the new website as much as I do and find it really useful. If you have any feedback don’t hesitate to let me know (here)

Brett Cox

Eagle Sports National Operations Manager