Here at Eagle Sports we are delighted to announce our latest partnership with leading UK football brand Diamond.

Diamond Football are the suppliers of elite level training equipment to many of the league’s leading soccer clubs, including in the Premiership.

In working closely with premiership clubs AFC Bournemouth and West Brom, Diamond have developed and invented arrange of amazing top quality training equipment, that is not just for the elite clubs but useful for all clubs right down to grassroots level.

Some of Diamond’s amazing innovations include:

The Diamond Pro Mannequin, with its AEROSENA design that allows the mannequin to bend when hit with a football, decreasing the number of breakages.

The Diamond Air Mannequin with its stud resistant material and ability to pop back up when toppled over, quite the feat at 6 feet.  

The Diamond 2M Rebound Board that is like a wall you can put on the field and allow for a whole new range of training exercises

Diamond doesn’t just specialise in training aids but also has a range of footballs that are prefect for any club including the Diamond FIFA Pro Edge Football, approved for match use the world over and the Diamond Pro Trainer, one of the best PU training balls on the market.

See the full range of Diamond products currently in stock with Eagle Sports.