Baden Sports is an independent, family-owned company, founded in 1979 and located in Renton, WA just southeast of Seattle

The company was founded by E.C Schindler and his son Michael after they become dissatisfied with the quality of basketballs on the market at the time.

This leads them both to immerse themselves in ball manufacturing processes in order to invent better methods of ball manufacture.

Today that culture of innovation permeates the entire Baden range that has a reputation in the US for some of the best balls on the market particularly when it comes to qualities such as performance, reliability, and durability.

This is epitomized in the Baden Elite Basketball, which is widely acclaimed by basketball purest as one of the best feeling balls out there and as a bonus one that will outlast the completion as well

Eagle Sports is proud to start building the Baden brand up in Australia, as we believe that quality balls that last the distance are exactly what our customers have been


The Diamond Football brand is recognized around the world as one of the leading suppliers of pro-quality footballs and training equipment.

Diamond products can be found in the training fields of the world’s leading soccer clubs including those in the Premiership, Championship, Bundesliga, La Ligua, and Serie A.

The diamond boasts a number of innovative products, which are set to take the Australian training fields by storm, including the Diamond Air Mannequin, where the high-quality materials make this a perfect option for any club.

The company started in the middle of the family kitchen back in 1996 with the original warehouse being the garden shed, now after years of sustained growth Diamond is possibly the most recognized brand in the UK for training equipment (with offices and a warehouse in Molesey Surrey)

Along with their multiple patents, Diamond has also been awarded a FIFA license to stamp on a range of footballs. The FIFA Pro license is not an easy one to obtain, with the extremely stringent qualifying criteria.

Diamond through its involvement and sponsorship of AFC Bournemouth and West Bromwich Albion are always testing new products and ideas at the elite level making sure all its products are truly at the top of the game.


Over a number of years, Eagle Sports has developed a value–for–money range of products under the brand name Alliance.

This has been accomplished in partnership with suppliers who manufacture for some of the major brands throughout the world.

The emphasis is on value for money without skimping on quality and without the high price tag associated with supporting the major marketing budgets associated with some more well–known brand names.

Some of those product ranges have gained public awareness purely through word of mouth on the good quality they provide.

Our Alliance table tennis range is a great example of this, with its ever-increasing market presence making it one of Australia’s leading table tennis brands all by providing customers with a high-end product at an affordable price

Sponeta is Europe’s leading manufacturer of table tennis tables, having manufactured table tennis tables for over 60 years.

Sponeta is based in Schlotheim, Germany (located in the state of Thuringia) and they encompass everything that has now become synonymous with the “Made in Germany” tag line.

They manufacture top-quality, high-end, durable products that are engineered to German perfection which has led their tables to be exported to over 90 countries around the world.

All this means that buying a Sponeta table means purchasing one of the best-manufactured table tennis tables in the world.

To get a little taste of just how advanced a manufacturing operation Sponeta is watch the video below that gives a sneak peek into their manufacturing process:

BEAT ALL SPORTS – BAS has been established for over 80 years, being one of the pioneers of the sports good manufacturing industry.

BAS specializes in top-quality cricket equipment and is world-renowned for the careful craftsmanship with which it manufactures its cricket bats and other equipment. 

BAS is the choice equipment manufacturer for a number of current international players including Hashim Amla, Darren Sammy, and Paul Collingwood. BAS has also over the journey provided equipment to some of the greats of the game including Sachin Tendulkar, Ganguly, Virat Kohli, and MS Dhoni

BAS is also the official equipment supplier to the Caribbean Premier league where BAS clothing, equipment, and balls are being used.

Eagle Sports proudly stocks a wide range of BAS cricket equipment.

Champro is a brand that has focused on providing a ‘good value for money baseball, softball, and tee-ball range.

The Champro range is perfect for entry-level players, schools, and for club training equipment.

You can rely on Champro for value. 

The origins of DUKES cricket ball making can be traced back to the year 1760 when production started in the Tonbridge area of Kent. The skills have been refined and handed down through the generations. The same meticulous care and attention is paid to all the traditional processes in addition to new technology to ensure that products of the highest standard are made available for the game at all levels today. Only the very best raw materials are used to protect the brand’s reputation for top quality.

DUKES is responding to the demands of the modern game by using new advanced technology to produce long lasting surface white and brightly coloured cricket balls for Limited Overs cricket and possible “Day/Night” Test Matches. Another major breakthrough is an exclusive process to ensure very good shape retention whilst retaining the right “feel” on the bat.

The Dukes Special County “A” – Grade 1 – Red cricket ball is used exclusively for Test Matches in the UK as well as all First Class County Cricket. The Dukes County International “A” is the choice of the vast majority of ECB accredited Premier Leagues.

The Dukes ball is now being used in the Sheffield Shield competition in Australia, to rave reviews for both the added swing and the longevity of the ball.

See how a Dukes cricket ball is made:

HO SOCCER is one of Europe’s leading specialist goalkeeping companies. Worldwide more than 350+ professional goalkeepers choose to wear HO gloves, including English Premiership keepers Adrian of West Ham and Willy Caballero of Chelsea.

Other top keepers wearing HO SOCCER gloves include Beto of Sevilla, Andres Fernandez of Villareal, and Yoel Rodriguez of S.D. Eibar. Not to mention the amazing female keepers in Lola Gallardo of Atletico de Madrid, Sandra Paños of FC Barcelona, and Ellie Roebuck of Manchester City.

HO knows what keepers have to go through to hone their craft. They know about those long training sessions where continuously repeating your coaching drills until it hurts is the only way to reach the standards that you have set yourself. Ho knows how many hours of hard work it takes just to be in that correct position to make a finger-tip save or make that important block at the strikers feet to keep your side in the game.

With all this in mind HO makes sure that their comprehensive glove collection offers goalkeepers a balanced combination of technical innovation, excellent fit and superb comfort. The standards and expectations that HO set themselves are very high and so they only use the finest materials and glove latex available. This gives keepers playing at every level the opportunity to perform at their very best in each training session or game.

HO believe, that as a true specialist goalkeeping brand, they can never be completely content with their work and so each year they resolve to improve their products to ensure that HO SOCCER remains one of the world’s leading specialist goalkeeper brands. This way keepers can continue to keep clean sheets with their HO gloves

Established in 2005, One80 has had a monumental rise, taking the dart world by storm. Originally formed just to supply the Chinese domestic dart market, One80 then merged with German handmade dart manufacturer Bavaria Darts enabling it to offer a range of the highest quality handmade darts

Built on a philosophy of innovation and a pursuit for perfection, a reputation for cutting-edge quality has made it a leading brand and the choice for many of the world’s champions. One80’s innovation has led to a number of patented products, being the result of intensive research and development.

One80’s professional dart range is handcrafted using the German precision engineering techniques acquired from Bavaria darts to produce achievements such as one of the world’s thinnest darts with a 2BA thread.

One80’s innovation is not only reflected in darts but also in dart boards with the Gladiator # recently being approved by the WDF for completion play

One80 sponsors a number of the world’s leading dart players including Deta Hedman, the current female world number 1.

One80 is also the official board for the English Dart Organization


Patrick is a brand built on a passion for the game and the spirit of sport. From modest beginnings, Patrick Beneteau founded the brand in 1892 in a small French village where his family made football boots. This deep love for the game and passion to be the best saw the Patrick brand name grow to be associated internationally with high-quality products.

Over Patrick’s long history the quality of world-class footballers that have endorsed the brand is breathtaking, with players including Keegan, Platini, Laudrup, and Jean Pierre Papin all donning the Patrick brand.

Today Patrick has expanded from its football origins to also include rugby (union, league, and touch) and netball, as well as team apparel, training aids, and game day equipment.

Patrick products always endeavor to incorporate the latest cutting-edge technologies so now the brand is synonymous with design and innovation. 

Patrick – l’esprit du sport.